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(a) Sleeve Bearing (service life): 30000 hours

The traditional dc carbon brush fan motor in design is the impeller rotor (hereinafter referred to as the. rotor) pass through through sleeve bearing wherewithal its axis, pin joint fixed in the central position of motor stator, make the rotor and stator keep a proper clearance, of course, here should have the clearance between axis and bearing, so the axis will not be dead locked that can't operate. And the motor stator' structure parts (hereinafter referred to as the stator), , will produce magnetic line of force between rotor and stator after input power. use the drive circuit's control to make the fan motor run. So the traditional fan motor structure, only have one impeller rotor and one motor stator and one driver circuit, with the pin joint between axis and bearing, operating with the magnetic induction .


(b) Ball Bearing (service life): 50000 hours

Ball bearing using the rounded regulus to operating, it belongs to point touching, so it is easy to activate operation. And ball bearing cooperating use spring, hold ball bearing' outer becket on the top of spring, to make the whole weight of the impeller rotor fell on the ball bearing, and indirect shored by the spring, so it become the portable products which can be used in different direction and diffirent angle, but still have to prevent falling, in case the ball Bearing to be damaged, then cause the noise and depletion of service life.